About Fred

fred mays

I’m a freelance photographer and writer in Florida. I’ve been writing off and on for over 20 years, producing web content since 1999. My photography has come along late in life. I’ve always had a camera, but only became serious about developing my skills in recent years. My primary photography is shooting landscapes. I also book portrait sessions for headshots, senior pictures for high school, family, reunion, and couple pictures. My camera equipment is pro grade Nikon.

My career was 35 years in television news, as a reporter, producer and news manager. I was fortunate to win a Peabody, several Emmys and Dallas Press Club awards.

Now I write for my SubStack blog and offer articles to magazines and websites, focusing on travel and eco-adventure topics. I’ve been published in the Tampa Bay Times, Toronto Globe and Mail, Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, Florida Audubon Magazine, other magazines and online sites.

Education: Studied Journalism at Arizona State University, Liberal Arts at York Junior College, Pennsylvania.

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